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Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is about making pressure, always in the direction of the boold flow, at different points of the body. It is also used friction techniques to improve the return of the blood to the heart.
it is important to emphasize that this style of masse is the most popular and only few know it's origin, it´s called "Traditional Massage".

Hot Candles Massage

Undergo the deepest state of relaxation and well being with the Hot Candles Massage and be carried away by the pelasant sensation of a super moisturizing warm massage.
The feel of a warm melted candle thread undoes the stresses of everyday life, freeing you from stress and providing you with a delightful experience.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage is the art of knowledge and use of essential oils for the purpose of improving the well being of the body and mind. These essential oils are ade from plant extracts and offers us purest therapeutic cure. Aromatherapy massage helps the muscles to indulge in deep relaxation, healing the body form day to day tension. It also relivies fluid retention, stimulates the lymphatic system, improves the immuni system and helps to get rid of the toxins naturally. It's ideal for gret stress, fatigue or injury.

Ayurvédic Massage (Indian Massage)

For those who live the heltic contemporary life and do not have time to pratice any kind of sport or leisure, ayurvedic massage proves to be effective in rebalancing body's systems, helping to reduce stress and tiredness. For people who want to maintain the youthful state or even rejuvenate it.